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Maasai Gift Shop is about Maasai Women and Development



The Maasai have been herding cattle across the great plains of East Africa for centuries. Cattle are the backbone of the Maasai economy and provided us with food, clothing, and school fees for children. However, with frequent and prolonged droughts the Maasai way of life is on the brink of extinction.

Maasai Gift Shop is a window of opportunity for Maasai women. We are enabling the women to build a better future for themselves and their families. Make a purchase today and support our cause.

Be part of our change.


To empower Maasai women.


Maasai Gift Shop is a community-based initiative from beginning to end. We are driven by the commitment of women empowerment and community development. Every dollar from the sale of our products benefits the Maasai women and their children. More girls and boys are in school because of income from the sale of products sold at our gift shop. Please buy our items today and support our future. Your business is very important to us.

Thank you for supporting our cause!















Maasai Gift Shop is part of Maasai Association's economic development program in the Maasai region of Kenya. The Maasai Association has provided seed money to Merrueshi Women's Cooperative for them to make high quality products for the world markets. We are supporting and inspiring Maasai women artisans to help themselves through craftsmanship.To learn more about Maasai Association go to: