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Beadwork is our passion. Your business is very important to us.


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Intricate beadwork has been an art form of Maasai women for centuries. Our items are handmade by Merrueshi Women's Cooperative. 100% of the proceeds from our sales benefit the Maasai women and their families.

    Our commitment

  • We only sell authentic Maasai beadwork
  • Women artisans are paid respectfully. Our business does not exploit Maasai women

    Significance of Maasai Colors

    Blue: Sky, God (known as Enkai in Maa language of the Maasai)

    Green: Pastures, vegetation after rainfall, peace
    White: Milk and purity
    Red: Blood, warriors, danger, bravery
    Black: Rain
    Orange: Color preferred by women
    Yellow: Sunshine and fruit used for tribal tattoos

Companies and Organizations

Maasai motivational bracelet can be a good token for your employees.

We can supply complimentary, appreciation, or motivational bracelets and keyrings for your esteemed employees. Email us today and learn what we can do for you.